Our recognized programmes are

Development and
Health Programmes.


Our focus is on education, health and development sectors. We work with children, youths and women at personal level. However, we found ourselves involving the elderly since we aim at covering all the less-privileged families. 
Our areas of interest include; Formal education and talents development to children, Vocational skills training and social entrepreneurship to youths; Social entrepreneurship and literacy training to women, providing basic needs to elderly and general health services to the community particularly mother and child.

Our Vission
To see every less-privileged child attain education, youths get an opportunity to succeed and women a right to prosper.

Our Mission

To promote well-being of the less-privileged group through initiating and implementing progressive socio-economic change in communities for every family to get the basics of life.
Our motto:
Heart touching hearts.

Our objectives:
Strengthen the integration of the less privileged members in the communities with education and health within existing resources plus initiatives on the ground and within organization portfolio at country-level.

  • Contribute to collective operational learning for youths and women on small scale development programs, through the gathering, analysis and dissemination of lessons learned and good practices.

    Support innovative projects, focused on children, youth and women’s empowerment, that have the potential for catalytic effect and development outcomes.

Support Girl Child Education Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women, ... Among children not attending school there are twice as many girls as boys


Located at Kirinda, Busabaala,
Wakiso District, Uganda.
Tell:    +256784626055.
Email:    info@buyinzafoundation.org
Website: www.buyinzafoundation.org


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