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In 2015, Buyinza Foundation started campaign on remedial education for youths and women. Because there seemed to be a need for wider dissemination of the program, this was started but it soon became unavailable due to lack of financial support. Since then, several youths and women raised the need for its resume and much interest has been accorded this “so readily available but poorly implemented” program.
Now a new journey has started and numerous studies have been conducted. Farming, home based and small industry enterprises skills have been tackled by numerous experts. Financial support is being looked for continuously and there will be no possible way to suffer again from goal implement for some time to come.

We gratefully acknowledge Buyinza Foundation management team for being understanding, kind and with never ending patience in working tiresomely to run this program. It is also a pleasure to give special thanks to Mr. Segawa Ephraim, Mr. Kirumira Vincent, Mr. Mbabazi Moses and Mr. Kigozi Emannuel for their understanding and patience with numerous inquiries we have made of them in this task of eliminating less privileged families through Buyinza Foundation development program.

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Located at Kirinda, Busabaala,
Wakiso District, Uganda.
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