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Elderly people

are a sign of source of advice and important information. They are experience guardians one should trust. But they are physically weak since their body cells degenerates continuously as they grow older. Therefore, they need our help for a better living at such stage of life. No human being is still failing to realize the importance of loving one another. And at one point in one’s life,


there is appreciation of greatness of this divine commandment “Love one another.” The world would be a boring place to women if it was without men’s love and the opposite is true. Children needs elderly to such a degree that elderly cannot live without children’s love. But how much do these elderly need from us? Just little bit of care! They need someone to talk to. Yes-someone listening to them and maybe give something if God has placed it there. Remember they are weak like a child.

Have you even taken a keen observation of how their lips vibrates in such faint voices with their eyes lifted up toward their Creator and their weak muscles supporting their arms in joyful praises and prayer for someone who has tenderly touched their hearts? Therefore, Buyinza Foundation comes in to give a platform to anyone willing to give anything that can make elderly people feel that they are not alone.

We have a dream of building a health center to cater for a wider range of medical issues in the community.




Located at Kirinda, Busabaala,
Wakiso District, Uganda.
Tell:    +256784626055.
Email:    info@buyinzafoundation.org
Website: www.buyinzafoundation.org


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