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Buyinza Foundation is a non-profit CBO. We’re a charitable organization that specializes in the education, health and development programs to help the less-privileged children, youth and women through working with them at personal level. Our -recognized programmes include , formal education, skills training and social entrepreneurship. Comprising of professionals (Medical personnel, Social workers, Educationists) as well as grass-root workers
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Welcome to this special issue of Buyinza Foundation. Through these pages, we seek to share with you the hope and courage we’re bestowing in the hearts of the less privileged. We believe that no matter where we are in life journey, we have something special to offer that can make life more whole. With the core values of compassion, honesty, integrity and professionalism,

Buyinza Foundation strive to help people find joy in their lives by providing formal education to the less privileged children, vocational skills and talents development to children and youths, social entrepreneurship to youths and women, basic needs to elderly and general health to the community particularly to child and mother.

We are glad to share with you a little of who we are, and would be happy to meet you. And you’re bound to find someone who would delighted to talk with you and invite you to visit us.

Programes Cordinator 

The organization we know today as Buyinza Foundation came into existence to improve on the standards of living of the less privileged families. Initially, it was lack of finance and education which contributed to health and social problems of these families. These included spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections, child abuse, domestic violence, crime cases, inadequate investment in most parts of Wakiso and inability to finance future required investment. Buyinza Foundation strategy plan was formulated to address the key problems in particular those with very poor financial and commercial performance by the less privileged.

However it was quite difficult to achieve without informing the young generation what a bright future means as well as training adult/youths and women through remedial education. Therefore this called for incorporation of education and health programs. Specifically the plan was designed to meet our objectives and the major target in our programs is the less privileged Children, Youths and womencommunity and country wide. However we found ourselves in line of helping elderly since we longed to cover all less privileged families. During our operational period, there are autonomous projects which have been brought together to form what 

is now Buyinza Foundation programs. Finally, I would like to register my sincere gratitude to members of Buyinza Foundation and our volunteers for the helping hand they have extended to the less privileged families through this organization. Glory is to our gracious God who enabled them choosing to live their lives to benefit someone even if it doesn’t pay them any dollar. And we still call upon more to give in something in support of our programs. Remember, the needy are the hands by which we take hold of Heaven.

Our -recognized programmes include;



• Nursery and primary education to the less privileged
• Awareness raising in community through literacy programs through remedial education, skills training and social entrepreneurship..



• Community development

• Community motivation.

• Income-generation activities for youths and women.



• Provision of general health services particularly
to children and mothers.
• Provision of primary health care services.
• Environmental sanitation.
• Promotion of hygienic health practices.


Located at Kirinda, Busabaala,
Wakiso District, Uganda.
Tell:    +256774720832.


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